An illustration of a brown tabby cat in a white with red details spacesuit having a spacewalk

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An illustration of the top part of a brown owl surrounded by branches with green leaves on them in front a dark blue sky

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A flat lay style illustration with a black cat sleeping relaxed surrounded by drawings, pens, pencils and oil pastels, a cup of tea and a Finnish cinnamon roll or korvapuusti, masking tape rolls, a pear and tangerine slices, a couple of photos, buttons, a pink roll of yarn, a cactus and some monstera plant leaves

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An illustration of a serene and warmly coloured scene where a person with bob hair and brown skin is sitting on a messy bed under a floor lamp wearing light pink t-shirt and shorts, reading a book, with a plant in a pot on a windowsill and a black cat is sitting on the windowsill looking out of the window to a top of a snowy city

Happy Fox, a simplistic colour block and line drawing style illustration of a brown orange fox smelling something nice in the air at a foggy late summer field of green grass and yellow grain

Hello, I'm Mervi

An artist and illustrator, total nerd, marketing know-it-all, poet, doodler and designer. I believe everyone is an artist.

Whether you need to unstuck your business and create your own blueprints, or slow down in your life and breathe, I'm here to support you and help you to make more art.

Meet me

An artwork of a beautiful pale, unspecified Asian woman with black curly bob hair, looking straight at you somewhat unimpressed, wearing a dainty white top and has a live orange fox wrapped around her shoulders. Background is pale pink and there's a thin off white lining around the woman and the fox, and over everything there's a soft paper like texture. The drawing has a bit of a retro, maybe slightly art deco feel

An illustration of brown, pink and orange mushrooms on a green mossy ground and before a green sky with a light greenish moon and yellow stars and light greenish dot stars with a soft canvaslike texture

An illustration of a brain filled with colourful flowers on a green background with handwritten text 'this is your brain on art' on top of the illustration