Hello! I'm Mervi Eskelinen

An artist and illustrator, total nerd, marketing know-it-all, poet, doodler, designer and business sorcerer here to encourage you to make art

An illustration of a white and pink hot air balloon carrying a basket filled with red and yellow flowers on a teal sky featuring two white clouds with a photo of Mervi on the right side of it by Mervi Eskelinen

Born early '80s somewhere in rural Finland, I've always been a dreamer. Partially raised by a cat (Misu tried, at least), I learned to dream about faeries and other creatures of the forest.

So how did I get here from cats, forest and faeries?

I have been drawing and painting all my life. In my home we were always encouraged to draw and paint and write. So art became a natural thing for me to do. But along the line I became pretty self-concious about my shaky hands and there were even periods of time I quit drawing almost altogether.

Line illustration of a fox running down with its tail curled like a question mark by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

Sometime in late 1990s I made my first website by copying html from other websites. In early 2000s, for a few years, I studied computer science before switching to web communications and design in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

During my studies I started freelancing as a web designer and developer. I designed and built websites for small businesses and bigger organisations alike. I wrote my thesis about utilising social media in business-to-business marketing, and it was graded as excellent. Eventually I was slapped with a degree, Bachelor of Culture and Arts.

The conventional and traditional has never suited me and I have too many interests and skills to be a narrow specialist. That's why I've been self-employed, involved in a couple of startups, had my share of failures and burnouts and successes, made bigger and smaller changes to my career, and worked with other business owners for over 15 years.

Throughout those years I have learned (the hard way) how hustling with something that feels unsatisfying and meaningless leads to failing. Now I'm working on returning to art. My hands still shake and it's a condition I have to live with. But I have decided to not let that stop me. Shaky hands or not, art is what I do.

Black and white illustration of a snail looking up right by Mervi Eskelinen

You don't have to be an artist or have great art skills to gain the benefits of art in your life and business. By surrounding yourself with art and making art a habit you can inspire your creativity and improve your resiliency and well-being.

Now both my work and this site are dedicated for art. Whether you need to unstuck your business and create your own blueprints, or slow down in your life and breathe, I'm here to support you and help you to make more art.

Black and white illustration of a happy black cat laying on its back with one front paw stretched out as if it's waving surrounded by wild strawberry plants by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

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Line illustration of a sea horse by Mervi Eskelinen

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I hope this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship, to misquote the movie. And I'd love to learn more about you.

Thank you so much for visiting here. I wish you will find this site and my ramblings beneficial and entertaining now and in the future.

See you around!