Meaningful Manifesto

A public declaration for creatives, dreamers and magic makers like you, who are breaking the conventions and crafting meaningful, slow business and work

I am creative. I'm a dreamer. I am a magic maker. I have multiple interests and skills.

I'm not a brand. I have a brand.

I know creativity is something you can practise and learn. I believe success is making the most of your creativity and doing your best at any given moment.

I want to be gentle at my inner perfectionist, and I understand perfection is a fantasy and an illusion. I know mess is part of life.

I understand unlearning is much more difficult than learning. I value being able to challenge your own thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

More than success, I aim for fulfilment.

I want to make change and build a better future for everyone, sustainably. I don't want to just collect tons of money, while destroying the nature and myself in the process.

I believe productivity is overvalued, and people produce too much only for the sake of productivity.

I understand I need breaks, and my business isn't going to collapse if I rest. Rest is important.

I'm not my business. I have a business.

I want to dream and enjoy all the aspects of life.

I know I need to set boundaries. I believe in simplifying everything. I believe in slow life and slow business.

Art is life. Art can change the world. I can change the world with art.

I like to do things in unconventional ways and come up with creative solutions to challenges and problems. I don't believe in one-size-fits-all kind of solutions.

I believe by doing what feels meaningful for me I can reach others too.

I don't believe in unlimited growth on a limited planet. I believe a business can make just enough to keep its owners, employees and customers happy.

I am here. Now.