All is quiet and still

All is quiet and still. The past is looking at you in the light of the stars. It doesn't judge, it observes. What does it see?
Does it see peace, does it see love, does it see connection? Or does it see the war and the hatred?

This world of ours, so tiny and new.
And life, just invented a second ago. Too fast, you let it rush through in your hunger for power. Too fast, without stopping to look back at the light of the stars.
Starlight doesn't judge, it observes.

Breathe in, breathe in the light of the stars. Breathe in the life, the past, the bittersweet notes of the future. Breathe in all the good and all the best moments. And hold. Hold in the peace, the love, the connection. Keep it in, don't let it escape. Make it part of you, part of your being. Breathe out the loneliness, the mistakes. Breathe out the anger, the seek for isolating supremacy. Breathe it all out of you.

You and I, we are the children of the starlight. Not that different. Just a little bit smaller, a little bit bigger, a little bit more silly, a little bit more serious.

All is quiet and still.

Mervi Eskelinen

Hello, I'm Mervi!

An artist, nerd and business sorcerer, dedicated to make world more beautiful and strange with art, illustrations and logos + to help you figure your sustainable business out.

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