New art workshop and more on Patreon

Do you want to do art? Do you want to do more art? If you answered yes (or even maybe) to just one of these questions, then you are in the right place.

It's been several years since I first tried Patreon. There's been a lot going during this time and I got a less than enthusiastic about it for a while.

But I'm certainly persistent, stubborn really. And finally I have realised what to do with Patreon!

Since I've become more prolific as an artist and even started posting art videos on YouTube pretty consistently, making my Patreon all about art makes sense. And I really want everyone else to make more art too. I think this world would be a better place if people made more art. Imagine if all the world leaders would put their effort in making art rather than conquering and colonising.

Anyway, making art is great for your brain. It can help you see things in new ways, to gain a new perspective. You can learn to defeat obstacles in creative ways by making art.

It's been studied that making art reduces your stress hormones, making you feel more relaxed, less anxious and generally less stressed. Making art activates the reward center of your brain and increases your focus.

To help you make art (not war) I have launched a little art workshop on Patreon. Each month I share a prompt with you and then both you and I will use that prompt to make an artwork or a few. I will also help you through the art creation throughout the month. (No, the prompt of this month isn't "brain" or "flowers" or anything like that.)

Besides the workshop, I also share different types of illustration downloads and art related articles, plus other stuff with my Patrons. I'm also planning some video and audio content only for my Patrons. Some of the content is exclusive to select tiers. For starters you will get a couple of cutesy wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. Joining doesn't cost that much and you can always cancel your subscription any time you want or need to. If you want to learn more before joining in, I have made a page for that.

You can also join for free to get notified for the public posts. Now and then there will be some Patreon exclusive stuff which won't be published here on my blog, but is available for everyone.

So, join today and start making art with me!

Mervi Eskelinen

Hello, I'm Mervi!

An artist, nerd and business sorcerer, dedicated to make world more beautiful and strange with art, illustrations and logos + to help you figure your sustainable business out.

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