I have gained access

I have gained access to your devices

My software enables me with access
to all your private info
I could easily download
all your private info
I can effortlessly gain access
to all your private info

How it could become possible
I purchased,
I installed
You were opening the links
It was rather straightforward

Everything ingenious is quite simple

I stayed undetected all this while I was gathering

I couldn't help but notice
You are also a true fan

I could make a few dirty records with you in the main focus
with joy
(you make such funny faces)

If you are still uncertain
it only requires several mouse clicks for me
only several

I honestly think you do not really want to happen
serious troubles for you

We can still resolve this situation
in a single transfer
A reasonable price
for I have used quite a lot of energy

Once the transaction is complete
I will straight away remove all
Make no doubt
I will fulfill my part
I swear

You can even forget that you have come across me

I have gained access to your devices
I have!

Mervi Eskelinen

Hello, I'm Mervi!

An artist, nerd and business sorcerer, dedicated to make world more beautiful and strange with art, illustrations and logos + to help you figure your sustainable business out.

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