Your website is the hub of your online presence

Today you can have multiple different web profiles and pages. Facebook and Twitter are only a couple of examples of platforms which you can use to solidify your online presence. Sometimes I see brands using mainly a Facebook page or Etsy sellers having their shop and profile as the main source of information. Using these services may seem as a good idea and a way to save money and other resources. There are several problems with this approach.

For one there are lots of people who don't want to use certain services such as Facebook. Using your Facebook page as the main source of information excludes all of those people. Additionally these different profiles and pages are not very clear source of information. Your clients or other interested parties have to dig through all the different links to find the information they need. And still they might not find what they need. These profiles and pages do give you ways to do some branding. However they have limitations. For instance you cannot use your own fonts, layouts or in most cases your own colours.

Other platforms, your various profiles, pages and marketplace portfolios are additional parts of your online presence. They add to it, rather than are the main part of it. Meanwhile your website works as the main place to find the information and all the links to your profiles and pages. All your profiles and pages are there to steer the traffic to your website.

Your website is the hub of your online presence. It is a constant place where your clients and other interested parties can find at least the basic information and you can create (or hire someone to create) a completely custom look. There will be much less limitations. Your own website also allows you to give much more information than any of the other platforms, and divide that information in ways that work best for you and your brand. You have more control over the way you present your brand. The other platforms also can vanish or be sold to some third party any day, while your website is yours and permanent.

Mervi Eskelinen

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