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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Do you make art and illustration commissions?"

A: Yes, I make art and illustration commissions. Personal art and illustrations start at 50 €. Commercial illustrations start at 250 €. Please email me for more detailed quote.

Q: "Can you give me feedback or advice about my website, social media, branding or business?"

A: I'd love to work with you on your business and/or branding. Please email me for a quote.

Q: "Do you accept guest posts?"

A: No, I don't accept guest posts. I appreciate your interest and hope you will keep reading nevertheless.

Q: "Would you add my link to your blog post?"

A: Nope. I don't currently accept any requests for adding links to my blog posts.

Q: "Do you need a web designer or developer or want me to help you to be #1 in searches?"

A: Nope. I have been a web designer and developer for 20 years, and have designed and developed this website myself. Additionally I have offered SEO services myself.

Q: "Can I advertise on your site?"

A: Thank you for your interest! I don't currently offer regular text or image ad space on my site, nor I publish sponsored posts. However, if you have interest in sponsoring my videos on YouTube, do email me