Black and white illustration of three people sitting on floor. The first one from the left is Black, holding a phone and has semi curly blunt bob, dotted shirt and black trousers with sneakers. The second, in the middle, is white with bowl cut, wearing black shirt and white pants with black sneakers, hugging their legs with knees up. The third is Black, holding left hand up as in waving and has curly hair, striped shirt and black trousers with sneakers. By Mervi Emilia Eskelinen


If you are contacting me about services or otherwise working with me, please include as much information to your message as possible. Before contacting, please see the FAQ below in case your question has been answered already.

The best way to get in touch with me is by email, at

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On social, I'm mostly active at Instagram.

About weekly I post videos and shorts on Youtube.

I have now joined Bluesky.

You can also find me on Twitter.

Sometimes I'm check my Facebook page, but the messages there I read maybe once a year.

These days I also share some of my art and illustrations at Behance.

I'm also at Pinterest, where I pin lots of art, business and life stuffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following lists answers to common questions I receive. Please, review the questions and answers carefully before contacting me.

Q: "Can you give me feedback or advice about my website, social media, branding or business?"

A: I'd love to work with you on your business and branding. Please email me for an offer.

Q: "Do you accept guest posts?"

A: No, I don't accept guest posts. I appreciate your interest and hope you will keep reading nevertheless.

Q: "Would you add my link to your blog post?"

A: Nope. I don't accept any requests for adding links to my site.

Q: "Do you need a web designer or developer or want me to help you to be #1 in searches?"

A: Nope. I have been a web designer and developer for 20 years, and have designed and developed this website myself. Additionally I offer SEO services myself.

Q: "Can I advertise on your site?"

A: Thank you for your interest! I don't currently offer regular text or image ad space on my site, nor I publish sponsored posts. However, if you have interest in sponsoring my video on YouTube, do email me