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Line illustration of a tablet with whimsical illustrations on it being held by two hands by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

  • Brand illustrations
  • Book cover illustrations
  • Book illustrations
  • Newspaper and magazine illustrations
  • Repeat/surface patterns
  • Artwork for your home and office

Line illustration of a hand holding a pen by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

  • Logo design
  • Brand design and manuals
  • Website and app design
  • Ad and other campaign design
  • Business plan design
  • Posters, postcards, brochures, invitations
An illustration of a lab beaker with something colourful (teal, pink and yellow) inside and bubbling out of it, plus pink flowers, green leaves, yellow stars and pastel coloured bubbles around it on a soft textured round orange background by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

You don't need to be a skilled or even an aspiring artist to reap the benefits of art. Surround yourself with art, illustrations and designs that boost your own creativity.

Beautiful art, sweet illustrations and impactful graphic design can give you a new perspective, inspire imagination and improve resiliency and well-being. Plus make everything look so darn good!

While drawn to simplicity, I cannot resist getting a bit unhealthily obsessed with details.

Illustrations & Art

Surround yourself with illustrations and art to boost your creativity and improve your resiliency and well-being.

An artwork cropped round of a beautiful Black woman apparently not wearing anything on her upper body with hair made of exotic flowers and paradise birds looking straight at you with mouth slightly opened by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

Get singular images and packages, book illustrations, newspaper and magazine illustrations, repeat patterns, children's book illustrations and more.

The illustrations are in a style you cannot quite find anywhere else. Each illustration is handmade with care, to fit the use and the need. I will include a commercial license and several file formats, depending on the style and intended use of the illustrations.

I also create beautiful digital and handmade art to decorate your home or office, add to your collection, or to give as gifts.

The art and illustrations can be almost anything from minimalistic line art or monochrome pencil drawings to detailed, colourful drawings and paintings. The colour palettes vary from simple black and white to bold, vivid and colourful.

Visit gallery for examples

Illustrations & Art: Starting at 50 €

VAT is added to the prices where applicable.


Branding is communication. It's all about emotions, feelings and stories. People to connect with your business through your branding.

An illustration of a computer monitor with some colourful elements, a light pink milk carton with colourful round elements and a teal mug with a green round element on it over a yellow, round softly textured background by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

Even if you don't actively brand your business, others do it constantly. The ideas, values and labels others give to you, as well as the image they have of you and your business can have a great effect in your business success.

Together we will design you a distinguishable brand which tells a story and helps people to have an emotional connection with your business. Your personality will be a core of the branding. You will also get a brand manual which helps you to apply your branding.

I can also design impactful marketing materials based on your branding.

Bring your brand out with business cards, branded t-shirts and totebags, posters, postcards, and ads. Get new customers with advertisement or reward your existing ones with cool prints and products. Showcase your business, brand, products and services at conferences and other business events.

Brand package: Starting at 1500 €

VAT is added to the prices where applicable.


An attractive and effective logo can give you new confidence and help boost your business. It's an important part of your brand identity.

An illustration of a brownish hand holding a smartphone with a green and black Eco Organics logo (on a round light background over a yellow background) on a pink round soft textured background by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

Your logo sets the tone for your whole branding. It gives a quick idea of what your brand is about. It helps you to bring your print materials, website and social media together.

You may have the rest of your branding done, but you still need a logo. Or perhaps your old logo doesn't quite work. Maybe you aren't ready for a full brand design just yet.

Either way, you want a logo which stands out from the masses. Not a cookie cutter type everyone else has. A recognisable and memorable logo, which sets you apart.

I will design you a distinct logo, the kind you cannot get anywhere else. Your new logo can be either fully handmade or include premade fonts or other elements. It can be one colour or feature multiple colours. It can include on icon or it can be text only. It can be more complex or extremely simple. What ever works for your whole branding.

"I enjoyed working with Mervi on a logo and cover photo for my new business, Augment Intelligence. The back and forth creative process was much appreciated and I was very pleased with the work. Mervi is a talented designer and my project was managed efficiently, with excellent results."

Richard MacManus, Writer & Technology Journalist

Logo design: Starting at 250 €

VAT is added to the prices where applicable.

Web design

Does your existing website need some work or are you planning a whole new site? Your website is the hub of your online presence. It is the best way to keep your online presence yours, instead of giving it to the hands of (often unpredictable) owners of social media services and portfolio sites.

I've been designing and building websites since late '90s and have a degree of Bachelor of Culture and Arts in web communications and design. At the moment my web design services are very exclusive for selected clients. But do contact if you need a professionally designed website and we'll talk!

Website design: Starting at 3000 €

VAT is added to the prices where applicable.


I'd love to make something different and special for you. Let's talk!

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