Girl meets city

City is beautiful at night. The pace is different, much less traffic, much less people. The girl can breathe more easily. The air isn't as thick and hot, as during the day. Cool breeze runs through her hair, lifting it up gently.

She thinks about a boy. He has the kind of a smile that makes the girl feel light like a feather. As if she could jump in the air, and float with the wind. Smooth, soft. For that smile, the girl would do unspeakable things.

The girl breathes in the city night. A drunk guy hollers at her, and then calls her a bitch for not responding. Another tries to talk the girl into his friend's car. The car looks like it will tear up in its seams, with the music thumping so loud.

The boy isn't here. He is far away, too far from the reach of the girl.

She closes her eyes, and imagines the boy here with her. His arms around her body. His eyes looking right inside her.

Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe it was destined to end the way it did.

The boy had said he would stay forever and ever. The girl had chosen to believe, knowing it was impossible. She knew what his parents thought. They didn't approve. They had other plans. She wasn't part of those plans.
His parents, they had made a promise, long before the boy had met the girl. They had made a promise without asking him.

It was the way it's done. He was breaking their promise. He was bringing shame to his family.

He fought them. He said they wouldn't be his parents anymore. He would stay with her. Forever and ever. They cried and begged. They threatened and bribed. He was unbreakable. With a stone cold voice he told them it wasn't his promise. They hadn't asked him. They had done him wrong. They had brought a shame to his family.

Still she didn't know what happened, exactly. Something changed. He started to pull away.

He talked less, touched her less. He became annoyed by the smallest things. He criticised her more readily. He seemed occupied, checking the time, sinking in his thoughts. His phone would chime sometimes. Texts from someone. He responded them, hiding the phone from her.

As the girl saw the end approaching, she didn't say anything. With a broken smile and open arms she would greet the boy each and every time. With teary eyes and aching heart she would watch him go away.
Then, one day, he didn't come anymore. Just a letter. It didn't explain anything, only apologised. He knew better not to ask her to understand.

The city night embraces the girl now. She keeps seeing him in the distance. Closer, she notices it isn't him at all. Only an echo of a distant memory.

Mervi Eskelinen

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