Hot Chocolate Season desktop, laptop, tablet and phone wallpaper

A simplified flat lay style illustration of two light brown hands holding a pink mug filled with hot chocolate, surrounded by three pieces of meringue, two gingerbreads, two cinnamon sticks, three star anise and a couple of candy canes on a very light pink background by Mervi Eskelinen

It's the hot drink season in Northern Hemisphere! The weather is getting colder, as it should and there's even been snow in many places. Not so much snow here in Helsinki, but other parts of Finland have seen pretty severe snowing already.

Smartphone and tablet mockups with the previously described illustrations on them

The world is very hostile at the moment. People are being taken advantage of and violated by corporations and governments alike. Depressing and mortifying things are happening and it can feel like you cannot do a thing. But as Fishtopher the cat (or rather his human) wrote:

"i know kindness exists because i am kind. i know hope exists because i have hope. i know love exists because i love ❤️"

Don't succumb to despair. Do what you can. Share the word on how you don't want to take part on atrocities. Take a break. You don't need to witness everything, as long as you understand what's going on.

Laptop mockup with the previously described illustrations on it

For the cold and hopeless times I wanted to make you something warm and cosy. A completely free for personal use wallpaper for your desktop or laptop, tablet or phone. Here's the video of the drawing process:

The wallpaper is an illustration with some hot chocolate, warm spices and a few sweet treats for you. In a slightly more simplified style than my other similar works. I hope you like it.

Hot Chocolate Season desktop or laptop wallpaper (1900 x 1200px)
Hot Chocolate Season tablet or phone wallpaper (2400 x 2400px)

Please note: This artwork is for personal use only

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